It just came back last week.

As i want to start praying and making takbir, world start spinning up and up so I automatically sit down on the ground because it feels like, my body is going to turn upside down.

And as always, feeling nauseous and lethargic for whole day.

For three days i got the vertigo, a few times per day. Totally sickening.

Once, as i arrived at bangi station and waiting for zaty’s brother, akif to pick me up, i stand up and get vertigo attack. Get down on the ground for a few seconds until i get my sight sound back.

My muscles start to give me pain. Got no energy. Hardly open my eyes especially at night and while driving. Dark eye bag and pale behind the eye lids.

Doctor asked me as she mentioned about this, “do you have blood test or know abt your hemoglobin?”

I replied, “yes a few years ago with 11.” I knew bcs i want to donate my blood but didnt pass the test haha.



It had been a long time that error occurred which i failed to post any entry into my blog.

There are a few drafts but i dont think i will retry to publish em. Hahahahha…

Okay, so i just managed to get back on my blog now and yeahh, good night 😴


Haha…. hello.. its me.. happy birthday firstly.

Secondly, please stay strong.

I haven’t fully recovered from depression i guess as i still thinking of blank path on my days ahead.. suicidal thought and just playing around wt life.

The traffic is unusual

Hello, wordpress will notify me if someone scroll my blog and dig into my past posts… like more than 23 click over the archive..

i easily get insecured because i wonder who was that. But its okay, i know ppl nowadays like to read craps.. haha

Have a good wasted day here yeahhh


I just talked to my lil brother. He is in his final year. He said to me that the university cannot accept him anymore due to his case, dropped out for three sems as he suffered from depression. Next month he will coming back for good without a degree. Though, he said, “sad but, i feel happier than before, because I dont have to struggle thinking about making any decision anymore, yet dont have gut to quit.”

I laughed at him and said, just go back then. (Im feeling sad bcs he spent 12 years in Kuwait and couldnt finish in his final year..)


Huhhhh, i found out that my identity card wasnt inside my purse. And my domestic flight tomorrow requires id and not accepting passport. Huuhhh

So i start thinking and searching everywhere. Last time i used it was a few weeks ago, at Cimb to open a current account.

I started feeling nervous. I am frustrated with myself bcs, i am a highly organized person. Everything must has a place and only put the thing at its place after using it. So i have difficulty to look for thing bcs it is already in my mindset that the thing cannot be anywhere but at its place. Its either at its place or ive lost it.

And I planned to go out early tomorrow to make a report or a new id card.

Until fortunately, i found my id within my documents. Its not supposed to be there ..