People wont know what depression can do to people even after it takes their lives…

If i at her place i would be thinking the same..

Want to quit medical school but what should i do in future and i would be in a very huge debt due to scholarship.

Still dont know how to reply her message.. 



We went out to search for food at Dahab but suddenly my eyes got blurred. I know, its gonna be vertigo very soon. 

So i ask my friend to buy food for 17 of us and i walked to Yasmina Hotel to have some rest..

Vomitting, nausea.. i cannot open my eyes from 1 pm until 9pm… i just closed it and sometimes i felt asleep… cannot talk and feeling very weak at my joints.

Alhamdulillah just safely home at 12. 


He wont understand me.

People wont understand me…

Nobody would ever understand me…

i dont understand me either…

Nana said i am oversensitive..

Yes i am…

Still, that kind of ‘compliment’ doesnt help..



Second day of not talking to people…

I am going to Darrasah for class this evening, should i go somewhere else before that?

Literally, i am having mood of doing nothing… i dont feel like going out but i want to step out from this house.. i dont feel like eating but still thinking of a cheese cake and a chocolate smoothie… 

having no friend to talk abt whats going on in my life is not easy… but having a friend also a burden sometimes hahahahaha… dont you agree, wordpress? Answer me!!! 

#why wordpress is only a software 😦


My father said that ive changed 180% since i know izzat..

And yahh, it was annoying me enough because i just know him less than a month and ive been a good girl since i was bornn!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wasnt he meant that i ve not been a good doter before?