We are all Nia!








I just heard from my friend about certain people whose talking back about me.

First, they made such a big deal when i’m in Malaysia but not going to my old school. Teaching or visiting.

Second, they said i’m a wahhabist. What the #$%*!

I’m not feeling sad nor upset. Those people just have no knowledge about me. But they have such a big mouth and a lot of time.

And i, i’m sorry, i never thought about you all, people. Bye


I’m waiting for tomorrow, me having a house, a car, a job and a career life. Also a husband and six children. A coffee table and a library in the house.

But still, i’m scared. If i’m gonna miss my days as a student.


And we can’t even choose someone to love.

Someone to meet.

They just came at unexpected moment.

And will be gone at the most unexpected time.

But memories, never fade…



One day, i might lose everything that i’ve cherished most.

I might hate person that i’ve loved once.

I might leave my beloved country.

I might be a heartless woman.

Who’s going to ignore everything.

And just walking forward with no more heartbroken.

Because i think, i’ve had it enough.


Coffee is meant for thoughtful person.

Even i love coffee, but i hate to drink it alone. I must marry a man who loves coffee and loves to drink it with me…

And, we gonna have a lot of talk about travel, children and love….

Or, we gonna read a book together.

Haha. Exam woi!

I dont know

Duktura Magda asked me one question for Fiqh Muqaran (Perbandingan hukum) oral exam,

“ما حكم قتل الرجل للمرأة؟”

I havent finish my reading. But almost reach to that chapter. Well, almost never enough, Semek said.

I looked into her eyes and replied,

“لا اعرف…”

She just asked me that question. Just one question.

I’ve surprised because of my act.


its okay to say the right thing.

Its okay to be honest…

Its okay…

Meh coffeee jom