My hands and my feets are sweating.

This subject is totally hard to explain how hard it is…



Usulfiqh is very interesting. Its hard to understand the contents, but, interesting seh!








I hope there is one day left to revise this subject.


One of the most things i dislike is eating alone at a restaurant.

I almost try it once, when i was second year, i guess. I entered the Nile Restaurant. But after a few minutes before making an order, i went out and back home.

And for the first time i made it was, last night. I left my housemates after Kak Nah family visit, walked out alone and ignored they shouted out my name. Not only that, they chased me using a taxi.

I took bus 1058 and went to Musa el-Nusair Mosque. After finish our maghrib prayer, i talked to my classmate before walk out to Pondok Kecil.

I choose Pondok Kecil because not so much people there, usually.

But unfortunately, it was closed.

So i went to Resto je la. I love resto but, boring. Same dish. And it is too open. Everyone could see me, eating alone. Pathethic.

And i hate being or look pathethic!

But what to do. I need to break my fast. and i was prayed that no costumer come while i was eating. Evil eh?

I also prayed that more costumers come as soon as i finished my dinner. Hahaha…

Abang resto ask me twice, “Makan di sini?” I said yes. Thanks God, he was alone and not talking too much as always.  Just served the meal and continued his reciting of Koran.

Maybe, he saw my eyes. Haha… what a poor girl got hungry after crying!


I decided to back home. Yeah. My books there. And Fina, Yam talked to me but i just ignored them.

Fina, Doni woke me up but i just made angry sound means, “I didnt sleep at all! Dont disturb me!”

Zaty, as always. My mistake or her mistake, she will be the one who is angry. just let her be.

My parent, ooh guilty!

Those girls, such a burdens!


My accent

When i was studied in secondary school, i intented to learn Arabic Langguage.

So, my favourite book was dictionary. And i kept talking to my friends and my teachers in Arabic. Most of them replied me in Malay. I was doing that with my bestfriend, Wahedah. Well, she is a brave girl and talk too much.

As a reward, teachers love us. Both of us. Hahahhahaa….

When i started my study in Egypt. I realized that i must learn English. I want to speak in English fluently one day. Maybe in Scottish accent. Hahahaha.

I have my housemates and my lovely friend that always encourage me to speak. Righten me whenever i make mistakes.

Yeah, they laugh on me first before correcting me…

Sometimes, i feel ashame. Ofcourse. But friends, please keep doing that.

And my big problem is, my Terengganu accent. I keep pronoucing words with that accent. What can i do. Every langguages has accents. And whats wrong with Terengganu-English accent?


Ear pain

Before i forgot.

Three days ago, i taught my study mates from early morning until 9 pm.

I was using my moderate tone. and i felt a bit pain in my right ear. Maybe it was been pressured.

So far, no tinnitus since 8 may.


I’m an Islamic Jurisprudence’s student. But i’m not gonna be a teacher, nor a lecturer, and not any jobs that relate with this field.

I’m gonna live my life as i like.

I can quit whenever i want.

I can try whatever i love.

If i have no money, i will put some efforts to gain it.

If i have money, i’m gonna use all of it as i need.

Dear me,

Live cool!


Even you are a medical student or enggineer wannabe, that doesnt mean you gonna be one…



I maybe one of the coolest students. Hahahahaha….

Almost everyone got nervous for their exam. They keep pushing theirself. To study. To not eating. To not talking to anybody.

And after exam, they crying over what have they done in the exam.

Me, yeah, sometimes i got sad. Just because i fell asleep and woke up late and couldnt finished my reading. Yeahh…

But, what should i expect?

To gain the highest when all i’ve done was my worst.

Hey! Just look at yourself.

Dont you being greedy and unrealistic?

Come on!