Bajet cool




Well, people can get jealous easily..

Dad & Daughter

Yeah, i am such a stubborn daughter. Grown up with a strict father make me tough and hard. And always disagree with my dad.

He like to telling us about something after made the decision. And i have my argument why i didnt accept.

He like to asking us to go to somewhere at last minute. And we already have our personal plan to be done.

And thats why i feel like i am such a bad daughter when the situation is always like this.

Arbain Hill

One day, i walked to Sarijeh through the Medan Street. That day, we were having some discussion like Usrah.

While walking, i look at the Arbain Hill. Full covered with snow. And it was snowing from early morning.

So, i was thinking about bring my friends and Kak Ifa as she never play snow with friends since her six years at Syria. She have a strict parent and brother that not allowed her to.

After finished our two hours discussion, i suggested to my friends, how about going up to Arbain Hill today.

They all agreed with me. We did contacted other friends too.

I call Kak Ifa, asking her to go to Sahah Shamdin with another housemates. As expected, she was afraid to go. Haha… once agree, once disagree. And then agree again.

How upset i was when she told me that she is not going. Haha.. because i did that for her.

The snows start raining heavily. Our sight become limited. Our meeting point   was at Abu Nour Mosque. The unexpected was, so many friends were going up with me after one hour invitation. Hahahaha…

After finished our Zuhr Prayer, we immediately start climbing.

And we did enjoyed the scenery and our time together happily.


And, we did saw our crush on the Arbain Hill.



I miss Kak Ifa so much…

Her birthday on 28th July.. What should i give to her? Hmmm…

She was the best friend ever.

But time pasts too fast. She have a husband, a child and two big families. So, we just say hi and hi again without sharing any secret and personal things like in our old time.

She is smart, funny but not really mysterious. Expert on sulking for more than two days. Love and always craving for chocolates. Beside the chocolate, she did love me. Haha…

Now, we both love Sufyan and the end, we keep our friendship as a memory.

Wonderful memory 🙂


There is a moment i cannot forget.

It happened when she is on her way back to Malaysia.

At the Damascus Airport, she almost enter to the gate. But suddenly, she run back toward me. Searching me within the crowded people. And give me the second hug.

I didnt cry at the airport. Even a drop.

But, i did cried a lot for a week. And then, make a tough decision to move into another house.

After her, i dont want to have another best friend. Because i know, how hurt it was, when they walk forward leaving me behind.

Okay. Need to stop.


Yeah, people said, if we want to know about a friend, go travel with them.

Knowing how we communicate while facing difficulties. and when we actually want two different paths.

Yeah, its not easy to be kind at all of the time. Plus, we are having some bad habits and attitudes.

So why not. Improving ourself by travelling.

Learn how to respect others. How to control our angers. How to manage a group with their different weird attitudes.

And learn how to love ourself more and more.



Look at this. How disaster my room is. Having 3 nieces is not easy.

Well, step on those beans feels like working on reflexology therapy. Haha



I cannot. Everytime i want to scold them. I think i am just teaching them how to scold people and being rude to others.

Just like myself in the past.

So… i have no idea.

goodnight, night…




Haha… i was thirsty. So i went to the kitchen to make a cold milo.

When i entered the kitchen, i hear sound of bottle. I look down, maybe i step on it. But there is no bottle. I hear it several times. I look around and i start to feel weird.

I make some steps forward into the kitchen. Then i look at food shelf. I start thinking that, it was a mouse.

So, i immediately run out from the kitchen…

But, i really thirsty…

So after a few second, i enter it again. i take a jug, put a three spoons of sugar, some milk. Then i search for milo. Usually it was placed on the table. But tonight…… IT WAS ON THE FOOD SHELFFFFFFF!!


So, i start searching for another flavour. Other than milo. But all of it on the food shelf. I imagined, if i go there, the mouse will appears with his red eyes and bite me.

Oh no… oh no…..

I hold the jug. Just a milk drink. Haha… with some ice cubes.. prepare to run out from the kitchenn…

Hahaha.. safely arrived at my upstair room. Alhamdulillah…

I should buy the safety insurance..