Semek reminded me about me saying to cut our relationship after finish our business.

haha, and i was like, hahaha.. why did she remembered thing like this while i am not because I was joking.

How could i forget a precious friend for nothing. She just be herself and i almost like that. Because that means,  not everybody can be her good friend so that made me feel special..

Hahahahhaha ^_^



Just safely arrived at home from Seoul.

Tired and now, i dont know what to do for the next dayssss….


Its raining here in Seoul and it is the most thing that i love.

Rain makes me calm.

Makes me rethink about everything.

Makes me resolve problems.

Makes me love myself,

And appreciates other.


Today, i walked from Cheongdokgung Palace, to Insadong Street, then through the Gyeongbokgung Palace Wall until I met Gwanghamun Square.

Then it was raining heavily and i enjoy myself under the cloudy sky while others are running to search for roof and big umbrella or under some building to avoid rain. Or just watching the rain pouring down.

After that, i sat at Cheonggyecheon Stream, beside those small fishes and have a good read. Unless, i felt very tired, and sleepy and worry about my friend so much so i just back home at 7.

when i just arrived, i saw her going out for Shopping with her new friend, Lan. And that made me cant sleep but to wait for her coming back.

I think, i should never leave her again no matter how much i piss off or she pisses off. Because, when i was alone, i just got worry and my head got overthinking abt everything and i just want to search her back but i dont know where and that made me never enjoy my being alone.

I never meant to hurt her or something, just i dislike when something that her dislike going around us.

no mood

Whole day doing ‘charity’ and just finished almost 20 towels and i was like fucking tired.

Makcik said that she will take it tomorrow and i just reply, “Sure. If you want it today, just take it. Because i couldnt finish it all.”

And i hate people messing with my mood.

And i hate people talking to me.

I hate people asking anything.