We were always in fighting mood. We hurt each other and yeah, we need each other.

She kept a lot of pains. And i tried my best to make her happy. Brought her to shopping, climbing the hill covered by snow and walking through the districts in Damascus city under the snow and rain, as she never have a nice experience of exploring the city. And even with snow.

I wonder what kind of life she was lived for 6 years in Damascus. Huhu


Once, we didnt talk to each other since i know about her and Hasan. Hasan was a person that i liked. And she knew that. 

She apologized and i apologized and Hasan apologized.

Then we three separated just because of a guy.

A few weeks later, i asked for reconcile. As, i hardly to find a bestfriend and i wont let them go easily. How selfishly i am.

She was crying a lot. Locked herself in her room and not meeting people.

How guilty i was when i knew about this.

After i went to Egypt to further my study, i said to her to get married as i think she need a person to depend on. To take a good care of her. 

And i was glad when she really did found a very nice husband. Now with that little kid, Yan Yan.

I love her family and herself. But i know, nothing lasts even a friendship.

Life must go on.

Thanks for be a totally awesome friend to me for several years. As i didnt found a friend like you, after you.


Bestfriend. (i dislike this word the most i guess)


kak ifa

I met her as a roomate on Disember 2011. Before that, i saw her once at Rumah PPMS and she was laid sick. 

And once when i visited Kak Atiqah which her housemate. Actually, i frequently stayed and slept in her house, but seldomly meet her.

She is quite but only be talktative with her bestfriend, Kak Timah and her batchmate.

So, i found her hard to approach and ignorant. Until i dont know when, but she always sulking because of me and i didnt have any idea what wrong have i done.

She is alone and crybaby. Yeah…

At that time, there were not much students in Damascus. Around 20 female students or less.

She was back to Damascus to finished a subject that she carried to final year.

And then, i started talking to her. And i guess i found a bestfriend that i hardly have.

The only picture that i have.


Going to Kuala Lumpur tonight and will stay at a hotel at Chow Kit.

My first time going there so a liltle bit scared. Well i am a coward person and i already knew this.

To much things to do but i still sitting on a chair thinking what should i do first.

Okay! Go buy a bus ticket now!


Nana asked me had i met a doctor yet.

And i said i couldnt find time to do that.

She might be angry, “Could you please make a doctor as your priority. You have a month to meet a doctor and then getting the treatmant!”

Yeah. Just seriously i got no time yet. I have to think about others more than my own self.

Just back home on 12 am.

Accident on our way back. There was a u-turn divider without signboard on a straight road so we didnt saw it.

With our speed more than 110 kmh,its quite shocking when Kakak shouted and Abang Saiful turned the car aside strongly. And fortunately that there was no car around us. 

And the tyre got busted then we changed it with  spared tyre.

Kakak said before that, “Abang, laju sangat lah…”

And Abang Saiful replied, “Mana ada…”


And we blamed the road over and over to keep ourself calm. And that made us a human. Haha…

Alhamdulillah, SAFELY HOME.

I doubt if i stop sending her a message. She will never text me.

The reason of  i keep doing that is giving a chance to keep this friendship on.

And i thought, she will never be the one who text a person at the first place.

I didnt know if…

I might stop.


Just now, i made a cupping treatmant on a doctor. I want to ask her something about my ear. But end up, i keep it untold because…

I hardly to accept the fact that i have a hearing problem.