I just arranged my classes schedule. Quite full i guess.

And there is two days to work at evening. 

Other than that, I want to read a book and make study group.

Nothing loyal other than book.



If you are leaving, just tell me that you are.

So that I am not waiting or bearing the waitness.


She asked me to be here, in Cairo for her birthday. Today.

My origin schedule was 1 nov. But then I managed to change the ticket.

So I am here now.

Where are you?


I afraid. Most of the time because of my head.

I feel wrong to be alone. Walking, travelling or driving outside.

Because, there is no pain. No headache. But I noticed, I cannot see things moving especially on fast speed. 

When my eyes want to.see/follow the subjects, my vision get fade away for a second.

Fortunately, I didnt collapse. I wish I never.

I dont want to be sick. It was too lonely at the hospital. I dislike it.


And 29 october this year gonna be too long.

Now is 29 and tomorrow still 29.

I have a power to lenghten the time. Haha..

Happy Birthday, Aisyah.


My beloved friend, kak Qayya with qonqon and her husband are coming to klia to accompany me. 

Hahhaha.. what a dear friend.

I asked them to bring a tent for me to sleep. Haha


Saadah is sad.

Saadah is laying down on the chairssss but force herself to not sleep.

Saadah is hungry, but she has problem with her tongue. Its swollen and she cannot eat well. Or didnt has appetite to eat. But she is hungry.

She feel like want to eat kfc.



Finally here.

I am sleepy man.

I want to sleep, but I am alone. I am afraid. Too much foreigner especially from bangladesh.

But I have to check in at 7 am.


I wanna sleeeppppppp…

My first time staying all night at the airport was last year.  Like, really all night. After isyak to fajr.

I got a place to sleep. Beside two men. Yeah, I cannot sleep at all. Just laying down. 

I am a sleepy person. I could easily sleep right away after closing my eyes. Dont test me!

So, whenever I lost my conciousness (sleep) I tried hard to wake up and stay up. So I got headache and terribly insane because I am dying to sleep.

My second time was when I came back from Seoul with Semek. I didnt care about those foreigner men sleeping around us. I just laid down and sleep.

But semek felt uneasy. So we searched for another place. Klia wasnt big enough and its not easy. But its possible. Dont worry.

Then we slept.

I was scared if she gone anywhere so I just gripped her shawl then have a not really nice sleep although. Because there was too noisy.

Arghhh.. I am tired and sleepy.