Full day

Im pretty tired today.

Woke up early and went to school. Then hang out with nana at Beanos Cafe for playing saidina.

When i was on my way back home, bibot texted me saying that dont forget our gathering in hayyu asyir this evening. And i was totally forgot abt that. So i immediately went there.

Then, at maghrib, nana and zaty asked me for going out to city stars and yeah because i need a new shoe. So we went to cs and back home at 11,30pm.
Then it s my turn to cook today and im terribly sorry because i cook late. So i just cooked what the heck the name of the dish is.

And im finally laying down on my bed now. Good night, wordpress.



Semek said i didnt need to learn english but i need the softskill to speak it out.

But, i am a coward. I cant face people. I dont pick up the phone because im terribly scared. I cant let myself anxious and curious that lead me to overthink.

I just scared. I got my ownworld inside of my mind. World that keep me safe. My haven. My mind is my home.


I just started my acupuncture class yesterday. Yet im scared of it esp doing it on myself.

Teacher Zul asked me to puncture the needle on my hand skin (he gu) but i just trembled and cant do it. I got my hand wet. So tc Zul did it on me but i didnt feel it hurt. It felt nothing actually.

Hahahahha but im fucking scared anytime anythinggghh


I never hate people. I wish i can. And i want to. 

When i got angry, i just cursing them but i never have the feeling of hateness.

Like how i thought i hate my father, after 20 years j just realized that it wasnt hatred at all. That was how i interpret my inner messages. Hahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahajahahajajahajhahahaha

Like semek, no matter i think that she hates me. I just cannot hate her. Idk why.

I think im an angel but not beautiful one.

Nak berak pulak rasa lps rawat budak constipation td. Adoiii. So lazy


I just exposed abt the argan oil at my facebook wall just after asking the fake argan seller yet he told me that oil was original and good condition.

Angelina joli

When we just arrived at dcap, we saw at a woman that looks like angel. 

So beautiful!!!!

Her lips thick and curve like angelina and her eyes big and her nose so perfect!!

I cant stop looking at her and i said to my friends, “i bet she might have ‘ain illness.” Hahahahahhahah

And nana tried to selfie wt her but unsuccess. 

Omg. I just keep remembering her face and  thinking that im not a lesbian but still adore that beautiful face.

Okay saadah. Youre not ugly its okay. Hahahahhahaha. Everyone said im cute..

This evening, i sat right infront of zaty and made my face close to hers and asked her to look at me closely.

Yeaahhhh, she did close her eyes instead. So i put my fingers to open her eyes and asked, “am i cute?????”

Then she replied, “omg, i just blind right away..”



There is an ustaz. Well known in egypt and malaysia as well.

But, i just feel bad for him. Such a playboy. I have blocked him like one year ago and i just knew as my friend just told me abt him approaching and flowering her.

I said, please dont believe him. I know him well j guess. And my friend said, yeah, j just realized it.

I said to her to not reply him anymore bcs she is getting married soon. But she still have her feeling toward that ustaz. Yaa’niii … hahahhaha