My corsx good morning cleanser was leaked during my flight to Malaysia. And it left just a little bit.

So i dont know where to buy it and i just read yesterday abt Cetaphil. Today i managed to buy it at Watson with price RM33+. 

Fortunately, the liquid just like my corsx cleanser, no froth and just absorb into skin quickly.

Anddddd no stinging eyes !! Hehheh

At first, i feel shame to buy it bcs it just got viral yesterday and a few girls (budak univ) were looking for the cetaphil too. And the st.ives scrub too :/

But what to do, i need cleanser and scrub bcs my face got worsen due to the rashes.


Tehran vs seoul

I talked to my friend, co worker in Perth that now working in Seoul.

I am interested to join her but she said, the contract was 3 months. If we leave before the due, it is possible to not getting paid.

The salary is quite much. She works at Towel Factory with salary 1.4m won per month (RM5,320). Hostel and rice is free. So we just spend for other than that which didnt cost more than RM700 permonth.

There is lot of factories with varies of salaries. Mostly around RM6,000 to RM8,000. Which i can make saving more than RM10,000.

She said the work quite easy than working in Perth but we both agreed that Perth was great place to stay. Quite, calm and beautiful.

I rest my mind in Perth restfully even all of my muscles were exploded by overwork.

Hahah but the story is, i promises kak rock to visit Tehran in August. The only promise that i made. So i cannot go to Seoul just because of that promise. 

Well, maybe im going to Seoul after that. I didnt explore Seoul very well as my phone broke down a few days before i reached there. So i just can depend on my friend, Semek. 

But yeah, i dont want to make complains here. Hahahahhahaha she is a friend that i hate and i miss a lot. Fatin just sent me her picture yesterday because i suddenly texted her that i miss Semek. The reason is she got into my dream, which i want to see her but she avoid me insistedly. So i been sad after woke up.

Being serious is an ugly impression. Haha

Family day

I had such a great time with my family at Merang Mini Sactuary. We done kayaking and seabathing hahahahhaha

But unfortunately, not every members of family that have joined. So we plan to make it again this Raya Haji.


How i wish she didnt ignore me so i didnt have to make this choice.

How i regret myself for not being understanding and keep waiting. So i dont have to feel this heavy. 

I promise myself to not have any best friend anymore.. to not trust anyone… bestfriend is not something that i can handle…

Twice is more than enough. Losing them tears me apart for years. Not month.. 

And i am stucked between wishing she would come back and to never come back so she didnt hurt me again by her attitudes and habit of ignoring people for a long time but still in contact with others that makes me feel like i ve been wrongful to her. As if ive done any mistake that even i dont realized it. 

For two years, even she has been ignored me more than 20 times that even i couldnt count it, i would still feeling the same. Blame myself and feeling wrongful.

She never knows how heavy was that feeling… 

and i never know how heavy she had that made her ignored me…

After all of these happened, i would like to keep her as my best friend and try my best to keep our distance as she wants. 

People should know that i never leave even people left me. This kind of loyalty is killing me but being loyal is being real me. What can i do 😦


Its quite now at home. Everyone has gone back to their place or their second home.

And my dad just got sick today. He cannot walk as his gout has come back.

And this is life.

Happiness and sorrow come after another.

And these days, i miss Perth too much. Its quite and a good place to rest my mind.

I really need a motivation rn. I need going somewhere. Kakroxk asked me for Tehran. Am i going there soon?


I wish happiness for all esp every single one in my big family.

I concern abt everyone. I can smell uneasiness that people feels so i will try to comfort them in any way.

I would make everything even spending a lot of money and energy.

But i could not help if the problem is abt attitude. Just saw my bil posting on his facebook that today is the first worst raya for him. As if he wasnt entertained and enjoyed the celebration and visiting families. He said he was feeling loneliness.

I remembered that he always sat at the corner of house alone and sometimes his kids went sitting beside him. Barely talking to others.

So feeling loneliness is not someone’s fault but our attitude of not joining people and sometimes blaming anybody when we disagree abt something or having thought that people should entertain me or feeling that people or my spouse didnt understand me well.

We do care and try to give our best. 

When toleration is not abt unspeakness of thought but appreciate the idea and forgive…


I wish my friends a happy eid tonight…. But still thinking of that little friend. I am shy to text her via fb because she didnt read my previous messages.

Anyway, Selamat Hari Raya, wordpress πŸ˜‰


Too much happiness at the same time.

Last iftar for ramdhan this year.

With whole big lovely family.

I cooked with love and people finished it all.

Tomorrow raya.

Its going to rain rn.

Im tired but its okay.

Fathi just got a new raya babygirl but its okay… crush meant to be a crush after all but still T T 

Okay, bako satay and mercun time !!!!