No matter how far you ve gone, you will always miss the scene of the earth in your country..
Safely arrived in Kuala Terengganu



Speak about someone like they have put a star on the sky…

I met Cristiana from Munich twice in Esfahan and Yazd. We have a good time together especially night chat until 12.30 midnight.

And on the second day, i ask her what she is doing rn, working or study. She said she is studying medicine. 

And yeah, traveling with a kid, so i never expect she is a medical student.

So we talk abt depression. I brought sabrina as example and talk abt her as i really admire her bcs she is gifted in study. 

I realized that, i am easily interested in genius person, like i once admire Kak Ifa and Kak Bihah… 

….. the result had just came out and for three years, i was the number one between Malaysians in my class (just jj) and the second one was Tohirah…

This year, Tohirah finally surpassed me with Mumtaz and i ve maintained my result as jj. 

I am glad to hear because yeah, Tohirah is very very diligent and she finished her study before exam, not like me.. sometimes i havent read the whole sylibus..

But still, a lil bit sad.. hahhahaha.. upset because i never target to get a mumtaz, and when people get it, i feel like, i want it too. But its too late… hahahahha


Currently in Iran and could not access to WordPress, facebook and so on.. huhu.. i am using temporary vpn rn so well, i might write a post once i am coming back to Malaysia..


On my way to Kuala Lumpur by Jasa Pelangi and its cold because its raining rn and i start feeling sick.. headache, shoulder pain, and my joints feel weak as if i got a fever like before… huhu


Everyone in the house are now sick.. my sister, mother, the kids.. all of them got severe fever. This house has being too quite today.

And my brother always not available at home. He is busy with volunteering job, meet friend and i dont know what he is doing.. huh…

I havent finish packing my stuff and my clothes still wet. Huhu.. and now its raning heavily…

Oh god…

I bought them Nasi Air, porridge. Serve them and the house. I am sorry for leaving in this condition… may Allah give them healtiness, ameen


Omg i didnt prepare anything yettttt and yeah i forgot to book a bus ticket for tonight…

Okay, now charge all your devices and wake up!!!!!! Go wash your clothes and pants and shoes

Pssss i just have 4 clothes, 3 tshirt for sleep, 4 pants and 3 shawl and 2 shoes at home. Hahahhaha.. if i pack up my stuffs, it looks like i ve ran away from home 😂😂😂

When i look at my insta, i realized that, i wear the same clothes with the same color 😂 but yeah… I AM ME 😂😂😂

Keep my life simple and i hate too much belongings to care about


Just finish a full itinerary to Iran for 10 days.. hoho, its quite hard to make it . 

Now, we are looking for the accomodation. Allah please ease for us.

I guess this is the last chance for me to travel until i finish my study, because i am going to invest 90% of my saving for my sister’s new pharmacy. She need a big modal.


I havent make any booking for hostel and the itinerary hasnt finish yet :/

And after tomorrow is my flight to tehran … my feeling is confused rn 😶