Master Azhar

So my dad seemed happy hearing that i might further my study at al-Azhar instead of casis. But yeah, i still want to set my foot on casis one day.

Kak mahmudah offered herself to submit my application form, and the required document because my flight and the close date just five days in between.

Now we are still waiting for the official result to come out.

Nana said, we might stay just three person in white house. So the rent might cost around 900le per month not including wifi and food. 😦 

Nana insists to stay so i felt much guilty to just moving into Dmak. But i tell her that once she graduated, i m not gonna stay in that house due to the incresing rent 10% every year.

I just had some thought esp to not working and just focus on my study, but it seems like, i need to work just to balance my economy and my life.