Irsyad and farizul

Today my dad told me abt farizul and asked me if im okay if he comes to meet me.. i was a lil bit shocked.. never expect that bcs i told my dad that im going back to egypt soon.

And around 2 weeks ago, my best friend asked my hand for irsyad. So i accepted to know him first. Just, he is going to perform haj very soon and plan to get know me after he back from Mecca.

Both are not my taste but farizul looks better than another. Just, when i saw irsyad, he is very cheerful person and calm. He is kind and knowledgable. Like he wrote poems in english hahahah and a wordpress blogger too..  come onnnn wordpress why didnt you tell me abt him earlier???

And the thing is, i felt the chemistry and vibe between me and irsyad..

For farizul i didnt feel anything but hmm. I said to kakroxk abt this.. maybe the reason is i know irsyad and didnt know anything abt farizul. I felt insecure to people that i dont know.

Kakrock told me to just meet farizul first and decide after…

Idk 🙁🙁🙁