"How can she simply rest her head on unkown's back,"

But then i realized, she is too friendly to anyone new. And thats how we got know to each other.

She has that kind of law of attraction which i repeatedly said to her. "You are taeyang (sun)". Everyone could love you unconditionally.

As some people know that i hardly get close to people. I might talk to much but not to everyone. Im very choosy and selective. Im not kind of introvert one but, i have an attitude of couldnt fake my expression. If i like a person, people could see it over my face. As well as if i dislike a person.

It shown as, within over 200 of malaysian students in my class, i just have 5 friends and just only one among them that i can get close and pleasantly talking abt anything.

And yeah, there were arab students who took me into their friend group. But, badly, i ignore all of them except one name Sara. Sara is the only black one while others are white. But, i dont know why, i can talk to her freely and happily. I just like her unconditionally. Hahaha

The one that got obsessed of me, Rabab, i knew that she sincerely want to make friend with me but i just couldnt fake myself. So i ignored her phone calls, messages and any meeting.

That is how i behave toward people that i like and dislike. Extremely….

My friends keep misundertand me when i get closed to semek. Some of them advised me to not go too close and bla bla bla…

The truth is, semek understands me way better than my other friends. She is the one that i can show my tears and she is listening to my stories that i hardly to tell anyone else. She gave me the feeling of happiness and get rid of loneliness from me. She was where i run to when things went hard on me.

She might dont like me as i favor her as the best friend that i have (i just have three for 24 years i lived) but i dont mind that. Not everyone got treated fairly. Hahaha…

Despite of what already happened, i still consider her as my favourite, and i pray for her happiness and healtiness always. I never hate her and still blaming myself for leaving her and not understand her as much as her friends did…


I love Prague for this birthday gift =D