We both still have no feeling toward each other. Still trying to get know and to understand our flaws.

And i dont expect that us will be together one day but still have the possibility.

Idk, i just feeling weird…



I dont know if i have true feeling or just having fun with him…

Huhu, i am hungry


Things went too fast last night. I talked to him and we decide to meet this morning at Nur Malaysia…

I hope i will look good infront of his parent…

Damn scaredddd!!!!


Having a new crush…

I met him at perth and fell in like at tge first sight. Like, its hard to pray at workplace, but we were the only group that keep praying at farm.. he was in another group, and i was alone praying beside my car.

I hear them talking in Terengganu accent loudly and made me proud enough.

He stared at me everytime we met. And i stared at him too.

We only met like three times..

And after a year, i met him in a convocation ceremony, i received the imam akbar award and he also received imam syatibi award. Hey, i didnt even know that he was a student in egypt like me. And also was my batch… hahhaha

A day before, i gave speech on award of excellence ceremony at Terengganu House, i sat infront of his mother and his father also gave his speech before me…

And today, i braven myself to sent him a message. And yeah, he said he know me bcs he always saw me at lamti farm. 

And he said his father knows my father too..

Hahahah, okay, you are going to be my crush… 


The most introvert and shy kid named Aisyah, who is my friend’s daughter.

Everytime i meet her, i will try to talk and asking for her response.. 

that kid, always turn her eyes down or away from people. Her hands will search for something to hold, to calm down her nervousness. She wont run to people, but waiting for people to take her hand, walk with her even she only got a small step with her very small legs.

She is a food lover. And tonight, i finally got to kiss her cheek and hold her hand, walking with her along the street. I offered her a cake and she accepted me by letting me hold her hand. Hahaha

This kid made my day! I am going to visit her tomorrow with the promised cake.


I tried to, but i will never get to understand a depression people…

If being isolated can make people happy, i will be the first person to stay away…