English skill

To be at this stage, i should thank semek for this.

She influenced me somehow. I start writing in english bcs of her. I tried to look good and to be better. To remove underestimating people’s perspective toward me.

From a sentence to a text. Within two years. It may be still poor but i gained some confidence. Grammatical errors? Like i care. Its only nerd people who keep recorrecting people’s grammar.

But when it comes to speak in english infront of others, i maybe need more training.

My main problem is, i dont want to look fool. Even i strongly deny this fact to be my main reason. But it is. And it turns me into an antisocial-lady, who claim herself as an introvert but she is actually not. I claimed to have inferiority complex, but i actually dont have it, i just a coward. I hate to think abt what people thinks abt me. I am arrogant. Thats it!


4 thoughts on “English skill

  1. English is definitely hard. Writing it is a little bit more easier than speaking it. Even my English is better when I write hahaha.
    I’m also an introvert because my English speaking isn’t that great, but when I’m with someone who understands that, I’m not an introvert at all hahab

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