Got stress over my housemate. I dont even feeling like sleeping at home.

So I frequently sleep outside these day.


Have I done something wrong?


Kusza Mosque

I am here now, at Kusza Mosque.

How i miss this place so much. Here is where i prayed with my family when i was a kid. With my siblings running around and playing.

After i grow up a lil bit, my father brought us to Batu 6 Mosque for teraweh prayer.

Thats why, i miss this mosque the most.

well, i am quite sentimental girl. Hahaha

Still cant moving on haha

I think, if i ask her out. Maybe a lunch or a dinner. Yeah, to celebrate her birthday maybe.

She might accept.

And she might decline.

It would be great if she accept.

But, she is scary. 

I am scared to be ignored for another time if i start again.

But….after almost two months, she remains quite and i feel like i am nothing to her i guess.



So, just forget it.

Let the time passes and 
…the time will passes. 


Let her be your friend,

Invisible friend!


That reminds me about the movie, “Invisible man” that i watched when i was a kid.

I wonder what kind of woman is lindsey stirling.. always forgot to stalk her a bit.

Its hard for me to remember an artist. Haha. So lindsey, be grateful please.


I am thinking over and over abt this obsession over traditional treatment.

There is a 10 months course for acupuncture. And 2 weeks for materia medica. 

And, i should learn abt the illnesses and the symtoms. Beside basic of anatomy.

Above of all, i need a kind heart to give my everything to people.

If i manage to open more than a centre for people and profit $. I would like to make charity like free treatment especially for those who in need but have no money.

I am not going to work at the centre. Haha. I am a boss.

I prefer to work at the villages for free. But receive $$$ every months from the centres.

The mbtc that i worked with manage to gain the profit over than 20k a month.

But i believe on myself that i can get more than that. With a branch in every cities.

Aquarius is always like this.

Dreaming high and turn it into reality.

lonely life

I was wrong. I thought that i was alone in this lonely life. I thought i have no one.

Maybe i dont have a bestfriend to share my every stories and tears. But i have family and friends. I have people around who recognizes me as a person.

we dont need to talk everyday. Not even a call or a text. We could say hi sometimes or once after a few years.

They are exist.

So keep your head up and look around. There are too much people around you. They need you as you need them.

oh, my deuter is so handsome. A few days left. Hoho. 


She came to me. I look at her face, seems sick and pitiful.

I tried to talk and asking about what happen to her. She started to tell me about how she was and she is now.

She was a free hair girl. Like, she said, far away from Allah and noble quran. then Allah tests her with with some illness. She got no energy to move and work beside having a slipped disc. And she got insomnia with black eye bag.

Just now she wear a nice scarf wt black abaya. She told me about her problem. She had to quit her job and now she is a jobless 33 y/o woman.

She loves to stay alone and lock herself in her room. Dislike meeting people and have inferiority complex. She felt like nobody would understand her. And she felt the emptiness inside. Her soul is like searching for something that even she doesnt know.

And yeah, she was crying in front of me.

I hate the moment people cried to me. Because i cant do nothing for them. I got no word to lessen their pain. All i can do is, stay and listen to their tears. I thought that i should give them a hug, but i dont know why. I end up done nothing.

And after we finished our cupping treatment, i made some work behind. She is watching and waiting for me on the main door. She is leaving, but seems like she want to thank me. So i just walk toward her and she made her steps toward me. 

She surely have a very nice and huge smile. But inside, full of pain.


Just met another patient today that had a cyst. She told me that Alhamdulillah, after one time made the cupping treatment, the cyst had gone.

Last week, an older came and told me that she have a cyst. Still having it. But after made cupping treatment continuesly, the cyst got smaller time by time.

Tomorrow, another older want to meet me. She got 5 centimeter cyst also.